JPL is divided into 13 organizations, with the Engineering and Science directorate (ESD) being the largest. The state-of-the-art engineering and science that enable the successful missions at JPL would not be possible without the people who work within ESD. Tasked by ESD’s executive counsel, my objective was to tell ESD’s story to be used for internal marketing purposes for CalTech, JPL and other NASA centers. 


process + research


To tell an effective story, highlighting each division and their journey throughout a mission lifecycle was imperative. My goal was to briefly and broadly capture what each division does during the formulation, implementation and launch and operations phases using the Mars 2020 mission lifecycle as the story’s framework. Though my own rigorous research and planning, I successfully put together a short video that covered all of ESD’s divisions and their roles during a mission lifecycle. 

*excerpt slide from presentation deck on process

It was necessary that I understood how each division worked separately and together during a mission lifecycle. I created this graphic as a tool to assist in understanding how to tell such a complex story in a linear fashion. The graphic explains how each division develops their work throughout the three phases of a mission lifecycle: formulation, implementation and launch and operations. (click below image to expand)

Having a multitude of characters to cover in a 5min video was a large constraint. Storyboarding with actual images was necessary for filming purposes.