This project was a knowledge-capture initiative with a focus on Gentry Lee’s expertise and experience. Gentry lead a series of discussions on selected topics that are of interest to JPL’s overall mission.  The subjects spanned engineering, science, programmatics, institutional practices, and mission-specific activities. In each session, a small set of participants will engage in open conversation, led by Gentry, with the goal of producing and capturing an animated and lively discussion on the selected topic. The resulting conversation will be used to produce a knowledge and training resource that will be useful to other JPLers. 

*Gentry Lee is the chief engineer for the Planetary Flight Systems Directorate for JPL and oversaw the twin rover missions to Mars that landed in January 2004, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), and the Deep Impact and Stardust missions. He was also the chief engineer for the Galileo project from 1977–1988 and director of science analysis and mission planning during the Viking projects. He is also best known for co-writing with Arthur C. Clarke and was the co-writer of the show Cosmos, along with Carl Sagan. 


Supported by the Engineering and Science Directorate, I was tasked to plan, direct, shoot, and edit the series. Filming a total of nine people including Gentry, the production setup consisted of three camera operators, four cameras, nine lavalier microphones and three lamps as seen on the production set-up image below.


*due to clearance guidelines for scientific and technical information, these videos have been edited down as a sample that does not breach government privacy regulations. The original videos are 45min in length.