your living medicine cabinet: our symbiotic relationship with bacteria

With an interest in the evolution of science and the alteration of biological phenomena, Your Living Medicine Cabinet embraces the impending fact that our genetic makeup and natural biological processes will eventually be altered when consuming new strains of bacteria. This project speculates on the future of daily rituals in the home and the new affordances that may emerge as biological technology advances. Instead of our normal need for cleanliness, I wanted to step into the opposite approach where being dirty is healthy. As a way forward, I would communicate that biological affordances are infinite - affecting all aspects of our everyday life which lead to my investigation to center on the medicine cabinet, a designed object that we interact with on a daily basis. The second aspect of this project stemmed from a cultural participation in ritual based routine. Contingent on culture and class, both genders partake in specific beauty routines which can involve the consumption of products and/or procedures, therefore rituals, to sustain a desired physical appearance. Through meticulous product design, we tend to hold a tight relationship to these products, which are made from sometimes "all natural" ingredients, moreover, once living organisms. What would this symbiotic relationship look like in the future? The “farming and feeding products” discussion sparked my interest as a current soaring topic in biotechnology. Being inspired by TeeGene Biotech, a company who developed strains of bacteria which produce biosurfactants that mimic soap and help to emulsify liquids, my research was inspired by the study and benefits of microorganisms and the opportunities that are evolving from this field of study. 


What will farming and feeding our products look like? Things that we find grotesque or unclean will become a necessity and routine will change as our products "grow." My goal was not to create a solution nor a proposal, but to speculate on the future of routine and a symbiotic relationship. I designed a scenario where a human take special care for her products to emanate possible future scenarios which fuel the imagination, as well as appeal to the intellect. The Living Medicine Cabinet tried anticipated what the future bathroom routine would be. A part of the project’s focus was to draw a discussion on the possibilities as biotechnology advances and the effects it will have on our everyday, simple routines. I considered, of these products, how do they communicate value?