The crying box: designed to help you cope


We all go through the ups and downs of a hectic career along with balancing our family and personal life. This project was a study on the corporate environment and the surmounting amount of stress employees face. The project used code from the Netlab Toolkit, an Arduino Uno, a sensor that sends data to the Xively cloud using an API key which will then trigger a servo or some other output that logs the data to a separate website a user logs onto.

My project was titled "Sob on the Job" or the "Crying Box" which is inspired by biometric data collected by devices such as Nike Fuel or the Fitbit, however the crying box tracks the amount of tears based on the pitch of one's cry through sound sensor which sends daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports calculating the amount of stress a person undergoes in the office environment. This data is collected and stored on an smart phone app or the user can log onto the website to located cry records on a daily basis, as well as, weekly, monthly and yearly average reports. 

The user can log onto the Sob on the Job smartphone app and see the below interface:


The second part focused on de-stressing such as knitting, meditating, aroma therapy, or drinking tea. According to research, knitting is the most common stress reliever, therefore this was used as the example in my prototype.

The box is installed in the bathroom, a place where people tend to retrieve so they may conveniently cry in private, wash their tears then return to their office without ever being noticed. Once they have returned, the stress reliever, such as the yarn, has been dispensed and thus, they are able to calm down and manage their stress. They can log onto the "Sob on the Job" website and see their crying reports whenever they please.

Using the Netlab Toolkit, the above code was uploaded onto the Arduino Uno. 

The Sob on the Job website interface: