faith oftadeh

My real name is Fereshteh, which in Farsi means "angel." I was born in San Francisco, but at the time, my parents were in a long distance relationship finishing their own careers, so we traveled quite often to Los Angeles and back. I am a first generation American. My mother is from the Philippines and my father is from Iran. After years of traveling between the two cities, my parents decided to set-up camp in Long Beach, California. I eventually made my way to college, attending the University of California, Los Angeles thinking I was going to obtain a degree in Music as a classical pianist, however the words of David Hume and Aristotle stole my heart. This lead to a BA in Philosophy. Upon graduation, I was convinced law school was my destiny. The dream didn't last very long when I soon realized law school felt as if someone was saying, "here is the rest of your life set before you." I was too young and possibly too afraid commit to such a thing, but to not explore who I truly was would be a great injustice. 

Unfortunately, a degree in philosophy is also a synonym for "unemployment." I was determined to turn my hobbies (the remaining things I thought I was good at) into something lucrative. I worked as a freelance photographer for two years and eventually made my way to become an in-house graphic designer at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan and O'Melveny and Myers, LLC. My work also includes clients such as Participant MediaDreamworks AnimationManagement 360, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Being fortunate enough to receive profound inspiration by the amazing and accomplished creatives who make up the entertainment industry, I decided to pursue a graduate degree. I completed my MFA in Media Design Practices from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and currently, I work as a designer and film-maker at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Having the incredible and prodigious opportunity to do what I love in a place that contributes to pushing humanity forward is an invaluable experience. Besides that, I still live in Los Angeles, my parents still live in Long Beach, I still read philosophy and still play the piano.